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Tue Jan 1 21:06:58 2013

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My Review of Bitter Reflections by IndigoSky
This is a slice of life vignette, a reflection on a young woman realizing herself. There are some areas that could be tightened, but the piece stands on its own. I certainly encourage you.

Tue Jan 1 01:59:57 2013

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My Review of The Valley of the Shadow of Death by CatholicGirl
I would like to see you push your metaphors a little more deeply. Imagery is a little repetitious. It sort of has the sense of a Shakespeare sonnet, but exceeds the 14 lines and needs more depth. This poem does, however, give the reader a feeling for the theme.

Sun Dec 30 22:37:32 2012

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My Review of 'Til Death Do Us Part by nancyaliciag
Wonderful piece of work.
Your meaning and rhyming linger in my head. I was pleasantly surprised with all the pleasure I dirived from reading this poem

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