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Welcome to the 'Shamelessly Promoted' page where the only prerequisite is that you check your shyness at the door! Pull up a chair and start reading the rants and plugs of our writers. Want to shamelessly promote your writing? Click here to Create Your Promo... its Free!

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Desperate for Feedback!
I really do appreciate any feedback I can get! I am a new, young, writer trying to figure out if I am any good at this or not and this piece really means a lot to me! Thank you! 
Posted By: tiff_white (10 days 9 hours 10 minutes ago)
Brutal Critique Requested!
I am entering this piece into my school's annual writing competition. I would love it if anyone would be willing to look over this piece and nitpick as much as you desire! Be as mean, as brutal, and as picky as you like! Anything helps  
Posted By: StaciaMarine (11 days 16 hours 51 minutes ago)
What is happiness? The Real definition
We live in a society where only half of the people understand the true meaning of happiness. 
Posted By: Magnificant1 (15 days 7 hours 50 minutes ago)
My mother whispered in my ear...
"Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy - your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself." ~ Annie Leibovitz
Posted By: VeganIsLove (20 days 9 hours 20 minutes ago)
Need your positive/negative (I breath in/you breath out) feedback
New writer just looking to get some feedback. I have quit a bit of views just not so much feedback. Please and thank you. 
Posted By: Darkclouds (41 days 5 hours 28 minutes ago)
New to the site. Feedback encouraged.
Hey peoples, I just signed up for this site this morning. I've posted two poems and would just like some feedback. Thank you and I hope you enjoy. 
Posted By: Darkclouds (42 days 17 hours 36 minutes ago)
Want me to write a poem about you?
This offer always stands, so long as I don't get flooded with requests. So far, you have all been shy, and I have only had one taker. His poem is on my page under the title "A Single Shy Speck." I found it a very interesting process to dedicate poems to s 
Posted By: WillWareing (44 days 23 hours 43 minutes ago)
I'm back! :)
Though I was never immensely popular on this website, I developed quite a following. I recently went through a great deal of scholastic turmoil, but I'm back. Check out my latest poems.  
Posted By: WillWareing (44 days 23 hours 54 minutes ago)
Looking for some critical reviews for this short (short!) story
I'd really appreciate some critical comments on this story to help improve my writing! 
Posted By: ConorLarkin (45 days 5 hours 59 minutes ago)
Ladies! Ladies! What's good??
It's time to take a stand and be proud of who you are 
Posted By: Magnificant1 (47 days 16 hours 37 minutes ago)
Take five and experience what I have to offer...
take it as you Will my friend, thats the beauty behind words, they each bestow unique meaning & reflect individual feeling. Be not bewildered, but be open minded. embrace your inner passions beyond the poetry, and let the words speak to you, in what ever 
Posted By: BelBel3 (47 days 23 hours 45 minutes ago)
I Danced With the Devil
Just a free verse poem that I wrote lasr night~ I am really looking for some advice on how to improve it, sense I myself, am not that comfortable with it :/ Anyways, thank you for your time and I am all ears!!
Posted By: RisingPoet (54 days 11 hours 42 minutes ago)
Looking for some action-packed with drama and tragedy?
Take a dive back into the world of Fullmetal Alchemist in this fanfic. There are twists and turns with new characters thrown into the mix. What could happen when two unknowns come into the lives of the Elric brothers and the military? 
Posted By: WhiteWalker (56 days 18 hours 2 minutes ago)
Goodbye Laika
The story of Laika, the world's bravest dog 
Posted By: SAnthonyH (61 days 18 hours 40 minutes ago)
Eight minutes of Passion
A love story between the Earth and the Sun 
Posted By: SAnthonyH (61 days 18 hours 41 minutes ago)
A tale of two thumps
A re-imagining of Edgar Alan Poe's, The Tell Tale Heart 
Posted By: SAnthonyH (61 days 18 hours 42 minutes ago)
I Need To Know You're There
Not your typical love poem, but still (in my perspective) a jewel~ haha, I like it, so maybe you will too :3 
Posted By: RisingPoet (65 days 6 hours ago)
I Love You~
Just click it It just might be better than you thought ;P 
Posted By: RisingPoet (65 days 6 hours 1 minutes ago)
Bring It On
For those of you whom are looking for a depressing poem this holiday weekend~ Hey, some of us go searching for it ;P haha 
Posted By: RisingPoet (65 days 6 hours 2 minutes ago)
Okay Just Hear me out please
I just want some quick simple feedback any feedback wont take you but maybe a moment or two to look and tell me what you think.....and if you were to say look at my other non G rated stories please by all means jump in those little puddles of joy and happ 
Posted By: Bombing_Batman (66 days 5 hours 22 minutes ago)
Check me out!  
Posted By: jessyjjg (66 days 13 hours 26 minutes ago)
Nothing to lose
Come check this out, even if it's just to laugh at what some of my best work looks like. But, I'm really proud of this one, and I'm confident that you won't hate it. :p 
Posted By: jessyjjg (68 days 14 hours 12 minutes ago)
Getting Rich through your ways
you can become rich through your talents and what you love, you must just believe. 
Posted By: Magnificant1 (73 days 11 hours 16 minutes ago)
His Name was Paris
I was sixteen and he wasn't real. 
Posted By: Archia (76 days 12 hours 29 minutes ago)
I Think I'm Ready to Try Again~
This is one of my newest free verse works about questioning if love is a real thing. The title is never mentioned in the actual piece, but please check it out! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!! :] 
Posted By: RisingPoet (83 days 21 hours 29 minutes ago)
A poem dedicated to my best friend
She is having boy troubles, being in love with someone that wants a "no-strings-attached" relationship… and is frankly heartbroken. This is a poem that i wrote just for her, but she doesn't even know i wrote it so….
i hope you can take the time to read i 
Posted By: Person101 (92 days 3 hours 19 minutes ago)
Positive thoughts = Positive energy = A great life
Yes ladies and gentlemen, generating positive energy within will lead to a life you want to live...Positivity is one of the keys to your wildest dreams coming true. 
Posted By: Magnificant1 (96 days 21 hours 13 minutes ago)
It's all in the mind
Do you want to live your dream life and make those seemingly crazy experiences come true? Then change your mind. 
Posted By: Magnificant1 (96 days 21 hours 19 minutes ago)
Legit Writing Jobs, advertised by Writer's Network
Is this the stepping stone to financial gain for writers or the ultimate doom that is a scam? 
Posted By: Magnificant1 (96 days 21 hours 21 minutes ago)
An inspiration
I know you don't normally read much,but I will try to make it short and meaningful.
To me you have described yourself in many ways.As Caring,Sweet and Funny . But something i 
Posted By: MayfordVC (98 days 4 hours 19 minutes ago)
Some things are beyond reason...
...but in the world of Gothic, anything can happen. Tune in to David Lewis Paget's Gothic Narratives. Your nights will never be the same! 
Posted By: dlpaget (98 days 15 hours 38 minutes ago)
There is another way
This poem is based on an incident in the lives I'm sure of many but it has particular meaning for someone close to me. She will probably never know or get to read it but if you know someone affected by this let them know there is another way. 
Posted By: SteveM (99 days 14 hours 20 minutes ago)
Cutting away the pain
For anyone who has ever hurt themselves 
Posted By: 100nobodysbitch (104 days 22 hours 25 minutes ago)
Get addicted to this poem about addiction 
Posted By: 100nobodysbitch (104 days 22 hours 27 minutes ago)
This poem is wonderful and real so enjoy it 
Posted By: 100nobodysbitch (104 days 22 hours 28 minutes ago)
Time to face Reality
When I look into your eyes,
brown like the chocolate you love,
my soul suddenly cries,
knowing I will feel no love.
Then why do I care?
Why must I stay frozen by your stare?
It may be that smile;pearl-like and bright,
strong enough to hold me back, 
Posted By: MayfordVC (106 days 41 minutes ago)
The Looking Boy
From here, it almost looks like Jesus. 
Posted By: Archia (106 days 6 hours 57 minutes ago)
A rhyming story of things gone wrong
From within his paranoia,and through all his lows and highs,

he ripped apart the truth he saw, and tore from you those sighs.

The accused and persecuted man. A keyboard at his hands.

The world in view of his eyes, was one he could not stand.  
Posted By: TheSnowdog (111 days 17 hours 44 minutes ago)
Twists of Life in a unique telling
the second of two sister rhymes that start in the same place but end much differently 
Posted By: TheSnowdog (111 days 18 hours 17 minutes ago)
Read Me - Please 
Posted By: TheSnowdog (112 days 16 hours 51 minutes ago)
Copyrighted Tree
"the pages of this tree is not immune
from aging, yellowing or even withering....."
I would really love a feedback if the lack of capitalization in the poem ruined it. ~~Thanks 
Posted By: Jade_Mary (116 days 10 hours 30 minutes ago)
Check Out My View On Mainstream Hip Hop/ Rap
Please Share Your Thoughts With Me, This Is One Of My Personal Favorites, I Enjoy Lyrics Dearly, They Are My Personal Passion, If You Wanna See Raw Emotion Through Text Check My Page Out And Leave Your Remarks, Ill Return The Favor 
Posted By: Meek420intellect (121 days 14 hours 41 minutes ago)
Feedback for this Meaningful Story?
Hello, I need someone to read this story and give me some feedback. It is a shortish story about a girl recalling her last moments. 
Posted By: ylzheng (124 days 14 hours 17 minutes ago)
Jay Cave Story about bulling and loneiness
Hey all This is Jay Cave which is about bullying and Loneiness ( I am ani--bullying so injoy this story i hope you learn to stand up to bullys and say no to bullying and you not alone have a good one  
Posted By: kpe1234 (125 days 9 hours 41 minutes ago)
Do Me A Favor Please?
If You Were Kind Enough As To Give Me Some Feedback Or An Overall Review Of My Lyrics, I Would Appreciate It Greatly, If You Read A Few Of Mine And Left Words Of Wisdom, I Wouldn't Be Able To Thank You Enough, Ill Even Return The Favor 
Posted By: Meek420intellect (125 days 12 hours 59 minutes ago)
The End Is Nigh - The Last Letter
The teaser for my book in the making "The End Is Nigh".

It is the post apocalypse, and the story follows a single man, Saint, as he fights his way to survival and strives to ensure the survival of the only remaining city, Safe Haven.

The book is be 
Posted By: maddevon2222 (126 days 4 hours 41 minutes ago)
Looking for some critical feedback
I'm pretty new to this site (and writing in general) and am in need of critical feedback. Thank you in advance. 
Posted By: ConorLarkin (128 days 6 hours 24 minutes ago)
I am a new writer and I don't have much confidence. I really would like to know if I am any good or not. I will definitely return the favor. Thank you so much. 
Posted By: tiff_white (130 days 5 hours 41 minutes ago)
Read!! and critic or comment please
There has never been an icon as big as he is, Nelson Mandela, i pay tribute to the icon and deeply touched and influenced by his presence i shared some of my emotions.

Thank you in advance. 
Posted By: lkhwazi2 (130 days 23 hours 53 minutes ago)
Really shocked at this truth... 
Posted By: OlowokereJO (131 days 21 hours 13 minutes ago)
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