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Topic: Site Policies & Rules  (Read 6095 times)    
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October 25, 2007, 03:56:40 PM
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W-N Administration

No Spamming
No Shouting
No Advertising
No Profanity
No Abuse

& remember to be respectful with each other!


The main websites terms & conditions, website policies and privacy policy also apply here. Please make sure you understand all rules before participating in anything on Writers-Network.com

General Rules

A) Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming, threatening or abusing users or Writers-Network.com in any way will not be tolerated.

B) Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance. Users posting spam will be warned and their post removed.

C) We ask that you do not post links to web sites outside of Writers-Network.Com unless they are your personal web sites (i.e. you own the domain name) or you have consent from the Writers-Network.com Administrators. This site is for W-N members and their work only.

D) The moderators, administration and other administrative teams reserve the right to edit or remove any post at any time. Posts that are in direct violation of our board rules will be removed immediately.

Posting / Critiques

A) We encourage all members to post their poetry in this forum and in their personal profiles, however, we ask that for every poem you post in this forum, you make an effort to critique 2 other poems.

B) Be honest when providing feedback on a members poem. Let them know where they can improve. Under no circumstances are you allowed to be disrespectful or hurtful to other members. You can be honest in your feedback without being hurtful. Critiques should be constructive. Insulting a member or their work in a disrespectful manner will not be tolerated.

C) When you critique a poem or provide feedback to the author, your comments should be directed to the poem ONLY. Do not make negative remarks or personal attacks towards the author.


If you do not follow the rules presented here, you will be warned up to a maximum of three (3) times. If you continue to break the rules you will be permanently banned from the forum/web site. Writers-Network.com reserves the right to waive the 3 warning rule and ban you on your first offense if we find good reason to do so.

**These rules are subject to change. It is your responsibility to stay updated on the current board/website rules and policies. **

Please ensure that you stay updated on the current rules and policies by reading the full agreements below:
Terms of Service: http://www.writers-network.com/site/terms
Privacy Policy: http://www.writers-network.com/site/privacy

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